Combining the strengths of an electric motor and a
combustion engine.
Hybrid technology: the best of both worlds

Your Hybrid system combines electric and combustion to help meet every challenge, making switching from the city, to the motorway, to the countryside more seamless.

How does a Hybrid car work?
Petrol, electric, or both

The Nissan hybrid system makes use of both the petrol engine and electric motors to drive your car. The vehicle can rely on either source or combine the strengths of both to bring you the best balance of performance and efficiency.

Chooses the ideal energy source

The system optimises the energy source automatically, reacting to the pressure applied to the accelerator and the battery charge level. All you have to do is drive.

A simple Step for smoother driving

e-Pedal Step lets you drive using a single pedal. Just press the dedicated button and your car will apply the regenerative brakes when you release the accelerator, helping to slow you down.

Nissan Hybrid powertrain
What makes up a Hybrid system?

The main components in a Hybrid system are an electric motor, a petrol engine, a generator, an inverter, and finally a large electric battery.

Why choose the Hybrid experience?
Excitement as standard

Pressing your foot on the e-Pedal, a smooth acceleration carries you along the road. Your Hybrid system defaults to electric around 67% of the time, bringing all the benefits about electric driving with it.

3 ways to drive. One seamless experience.

While your car runs on petrol, it automatically switches between electric and petrol, or combines the two seamlessly for improved efficiency.

Your quiet space in the city

The combination of petrol and electric ensures a quieter ride, one of the key benefits of driving an electrified vehicle. Cruising through the city at a steady pace, you hear only the calm hum of your electric motor.

Experience the thrill of Hybrid
Little things that go a long way
Sustainable for your wallet

With hybrid defaulting to electric driving whenever possible, you are always offered the most fuel-efficient option for your daily drive

Sustainable for our planet

The better fuel efficiency of your Hybrid makes driving more affordable for you and more sustainable for the planet.